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special edition white

10 Music Card Set 2014 – 2015



SPECIAL SET 2014 – 2015  – 10 digital reproductions, postcard size,  of original watercolors painted at Prince, Robert Plant, and Phish concerts. Get SET 2014-2015 for special price.

Digital reproduction of original watercolor created at show.

The set consists of 3 8×8 and 7 5×7 prints.

Open edition. Price does not include USPS Priority Shipping.

In Stock

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Product Description

My prints are digital reproductions of original art work, open edition, processed and printed local to my studio in the Bay Area, California USA.

The original works and their information can be seen on my website

The music postcard prints are digitally reproduced images inspired by live music and are created at the live show on archival postcards. The original music postcards are watercolor and ink. The venue and date of the live show is usually used as the title for the work.

I did a lot of research and testing to pick the very best local print shop and local people to work on my prints. All print processing is color matched under my direction and nothing prints without my direct approval. The printing process uses very detail oriented color matching to the original work. The inks used have been thoroughly tested for permanence and color quality. My prints are printed on archival watercolor paper. I do suggest that the prints be framed with archival mat and Plexiglas to protect them.

Custom sized prints are hand signed and numbered by the artist in a limited edition of 50.

Most images in my portfolio can be made into a custom size print – send me an email to inquire.


Additional Information

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Weight .50 lbs
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8 x 8 x 8 in

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